Fact Check: Police protesting against CAA? No, these pictures are fake

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A picture of police personnel holding placard with ‘No CAA’ written on it is being shared on social media with a claim that now even the police are protesting against the new Citizenship Amendment Act.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the pictures and found that they have been morphed.
On putting the Images through Reverse Image Search, we found the original pictures.
Image 1
The first image was taken in November 2019 when the police were protesting against assault by lawyers. India Today article credited the image to PTI and the caption was, “Police personnel protesting outside Delhi Police headquarters in ITO, New Delhi, on Tuesday. ”

Image 2
The second image was published in an article by The Week on November 6, 2019, with a caption, “Personnel of the Delhi Police protesting outside the Police headquarters.”

Image 3
We found the third image in an article in The Hindu on November 5, 2019. The caption read, “Delhi Police officers holding posters during a protest demonstration against the recent attack by lawyers outside the Police Headquarters, New Delhi on Tuesday.”

The above information proves that the viral images have been morphed and hence are fake.

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