Fact Check: Old Pictures Of Indian Flag Being Disrespected Falsely Linked To Ongoing Farmers’ Protest; Here’s The Truth

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A picture collage of protests is being circulated on social media claiming that the Indian flag is being disrespected and set ablaze by farmers’ in the ongoing protest.
The Facebook caption read, “কৃষক আন্দোলনে ভারতের পতাকা পুড়ানো হচ্ছে।।এবার ভাবুন আন্দোলন কারা করছে।।”
(Google Translation: The flag of India is being burnt in the peasant movement..now think who is doing the movement)


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be false and misleading.
On cropping and running the picture through Google reverse Image Search, we found the same picture in a news article on Islamic Dawah Forum dated May 25, 2015.

Moreover, we also found the same picture on another blog page dated December 13, 2013, which clearly means that the picture is old and not of recent ongoing farmers’ protest.

On putting the second picture through Bing Reverse Image Search, we found the same picture on Flicker dated August 16, 2009. The picture album caption read, “Protest against 15th August India Independence Parade in Fremont, CA.”

Other similar posts of the same protest can be seen here.
On running the third picture through Google Reverse Image Search, we found the same picture on Pickled Politics dated June 6, 2006, which clearly means that the picture is not from the recent farmers’ protest.

However, we could not independently track the exact sources of the above pictures but is clear that these pictures are old and not linked to recent farmers’ protests.
Hence, old pictures are being falsely linked to the ongoing agitation to ignite passions.  Don’t fall for false and misleading claims.

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