Fact Check: No, Dr Harsh Vardhan did NOT tweet about AIIMS reserving 90% nursing seats for women

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A screengrab of a tweet by Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan is doing rounds on  social media claiming that AIIMS has reserved 90 per cent seats for women in nursing.
The screengrab read, “Aiims संस्थानों में 80:20 रेश्यो लागु किया है जो नियमानुसार है भविष्य में इसको बढ़ा कर 90:10 करने का मंथन किया जा रहा है तथा राज्य सरकारों एवं सभी संस्थानों में जल्दी ही इसको लागु किया जायेगा.”
(Translation: AIIMS institutes have implemented 80:20 ratio as per the rule, in future it is being churned to increase it to 90:10 and it will be implemented soon in state governments and all institutions.)
The Facebook caption read, “ये मंत्री महोदय जी भारत सरकार को डुबोना चाहते हैं। प्रधानमंत्री महोदय जी को इन्हें तुरंत प्रभाव से मंत्री पद से मुक्त करना चाहिए। Nursing Students Organization Of India द्वारा इस नियम का जबरदस्त विरोध किया जाएगा। चाहे भारत सरकार आंदोलन करने की परमिशन दे या ना दे। अब तो रण तय है।”
(Translation: This minister wants to drown the Indian government. The Prime Minister should immediately release him from the post of minister. This rule will be strongly opposed by Nursing Students Organization Of India. Whether the government of India gives permission to protest or not. Now the battle is fixed.)

Another similar post was found here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to fake.
Firstly, we searched for some information and notices on the AIIMS official website but could not find any information related to 90 per cent women reservation in nursing.

Further, we noticed the screengrab of the tweet carefully and found several errors when we compared the screenshot of the viral tweet with the screenshot of the desktop view, Twitter deck view and mobile view.

  1. The username displayed in the viral tweet is ‘dr harsh vardhan’ whereas in the original screengrab username’s initials were in caps ‘Dr Harsh Vardhan’
  2. The format of the date in the viral screenshot is different from the original Twitter screenshot.
  3. Also, the profile picture in the viral screengrab is the old picture.
  4. The placement and spacing of the text in the tweet differs.

Moreover, we also found a tweet by Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan clarifying that the viral tweet is Fake.

However, we found an article by ED Times dated May 28, 2020, claiming “According to the amended reservation criteria, 80 per cent seats in the recruitment of nursing officers in AIIMS throughout India would be exclusively reserved for the female candidates. The male candidates will compete for the unreserved 20 per cent seats.”

In conclusion, the viral screengrab of Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan in question is Fake.

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