Fact Check: Govt spraying medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19? Here's the truth

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Amid the Coronavirus scare, the government is taking a number of preventive steps to curb the spread of the virus. However, a lot of misinformation regarding government schemes.
Recently, a message is being shared online urging people to stay indoor from 10 pm to 5 am as the government will be spraying medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19!!
“Hello i kindly request you not to come out of your house after 10 pm tonight till tomorrow 5 am…. As there will be spraying medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19!!
Share this information to all your friends,relatives and your families…
Thank you!
This is for people in Delhi
Entire city
Helicopter spraying, ” – the message read.
NewsMobile got the request on WhatsApp to verify the following message.


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NewsMobile fact-checked the following message and found the claim to be FAKE.
We ran a search on Google and went through Government official social media pages and websites and did not find any such announcements.
Moreover, rubbishing the news, PIB put out a post on Facebook stating that no preventive measures have been announced by the government.
“A #Fake rumour of CV Vaccine gas spread out is circulating on the pretext of Indian Government.
The Government has not announced any such preventive measures against #Coronavirusoutbreak in India.
Get your facts from trusted sources. Do not amplify #fakenews! ” The post caption read.

The above information proves that the viral message is fake.

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