Was a policeman beaten in a temple for enforcing lockdown? Here’s the truth behind the video

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A video in which people can be seen beating a policeman is being shared online with a claim that he was beaten after he asked people to follow the rules of lockdown in the temple.
” मंदिर में पिटता कानून
मन्दिर में लोकडाउन का पालन तोडते लोगों को रोकने गई पुलिसकर्मी को मन्दिर में पीटा” the caption read.


NewsMobile fact-checked the video and found the claim to be false.
We checked the comments on the video and found that many users have called this fake video and said that they were actors.

We took out the keyframes of the video and put them through Reverse Image Search along with the relevant keywords.
In results, we found a link to a YouTube video uploaded on June 18, 2019. The longer version of the video was uploaded on the verified page of ‘CWE’ and the title read, “CWE | Singham dubey interrupt shastri while doing puja.”
According to the description of the channel, CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment) is the first Indian Wrestling Entertainment Academy.
On the Channel of CWE, more videos starring the same people are also available.
The above information proves that the video is a Wrestling Entertainment video and is NOT real.

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