This girl is not holding this placard; Here is the fact check

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A picture of a girl holding a placard is making rounds on social media. The text written on the placard is hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The text read: “मोदी को अपना घर भरना होता तो वह १३ साल गुजरात का CM रह कर भर लेता| उसे खुर्सी से नहीं, देश से प्रेम है १०० % सत्य”
(Translation: If Modi had to fill his house, he would have spent 13 years by staying in Gujarat’s CM. He loves the country not the chair, this is 100% truth.)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the picture and found that the viral picture is morphed.
When we put the image through Reverse Image Search, we found that the picture was from a campaign One Beauty of Islam at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia.
We came across a blog post dated May 30, 2012, which had all the pictures from the campaign.

As you can see in the above picture, the text on the placard read: “I’m a Muslim but I’m not Arab”. “DON’T STEREOTYPE ME UMW INA CAMPAIGN” was also written in block letters.
Hence, the viral picture is photoshopped.

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