That's not actually Sara Tendulkar singing in the latest WhatsApp forward

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Another reason why WhatsApp forwards should not be believed. A forwarded message along with a video is making round on WhatsApp which claims that the girl who is singing in the video is Sara Tendulkar, daughter of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

The text along with the video read: “This is SARA TENDULKAR (Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter) becoming a singing sensation. She’s is as talented as her father God’s gift!!” 

Though the girl in the video sang beautifully, she’s not Sara Tendulkar.

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Reality Check

Though due to poor video quality, it might not be clear that whether the girl in the video is Sara or not. But when we looked closely and compared the visual with ‘Real’ picture of Sara Tendulkar, it was certain that the girl in the videos is not Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter.

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Moreover, senior sports journalists also confirmed to NewsMobile that even the voice is not matching with Sara’s voice and she clearly doesn’t look like her.

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