No! These people were not arrested for kidnapping children

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A photo has surfaced on the internet in which some policemen can be seen outside a police station with a few people.
The claim attached to the picture is that the group of people was arrested in Madhya Pradesh for kidnapping children.
The caption read: “भाईयो mp के रतलाम जिले के जावरा शहर से बच्चे पकङने वाले 25 आदमियो कि गेंग को पकङा गया है
आपके फोन मे जितने भी सम्पर्क है सभी को सेन्ड करे और सभी ग्रूप मे जरुर करे, ताकि सभी सचेत रहे और किसी का बच्चा इस तरह चोरी न हो”
(Translation: Brothers, 25 people who kidnapped children from Jaora city of Ratlam district of MP have been caught.
Send it to all the contact you have on your phone and do it in all group so that everyone is aware and no one’s child is kidnapped)

The above post has been shared by more than 5,800 Facebook users.


When the fact-checkers at NewsMobile did a fact-check, we found that the claim is fake.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we found the original picture in an article by mandsaursandeshnewspaper dated July 14, 2019.

In the article, it has been mentioned that 15 men and 8 women were arrested for running a sex racket.
Hence, the above information proves that the people were arrested for running a sex racket, not kidnapping children.

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