Misleading: Picture of 2013 Patna bomb blast being circulated with news of recent violence during Saraswati idol immersion

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A post is being shared on social media where a policeman can be seen holding an injured man over his shoulders.
The picture is shred with a text claiming that during Saraswati idol immersion procession in Patna, bombs were hurled and police and students got hurt.
पटना में सरस्वती माँ की #मूर्ति_विसर्जन के दौरान अशोक राजपथ के पास #मस्जिद से #बम_फेंका गया कुछ पुलिसकर्मी और #छात्र गंभीर रूप से #घायल हुए हैं…😒😒😒
जामिया में एक गोली चलने पर इतना हल्ला।
हिन्दू आतंक साभित करने में लगे।
यहां तो मस्जिद से बम फेंक गया।
शांतिदूत के मसीहा राहुल प्रियंका कहा हैं?” the text read.


NewsMobile fact-checked and found that the picture in circulation is OLD.
On putting the image through Reverse Image Search, and found that the picture is from the 2013 Patna bomb blast.
A Firstpost article, dated Nov 07, 2013, featuring this image, credited it to PTI. The caption read, ” A Patna blast victim. PTI image.”

However, we also found that during the Saraswati idol immersion in Patna, violence broke out between two groups.
According to a Hindustan Times report, “more than 12 people, including four policemen, were injured in brick batting and four vehicles were set on fire in the state capital Patna.”

The report also states that the clash started between students of the Patna University and locals in the Lalbagh area as residents and they pelted stones at each other. Later, Another group of students later started firing and hurled bombs.
The incident was also covered by other media houses.

The above information proves that even though the claimes regarding the violence are true, the picture in circulation in old.

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