It's not Aurangzeb in the background in this RaGa's viral picture; check out the real picture

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A picture of Congress President Rahul Gandhi is going viral on social media in which Gandhi is seen sitting with senior Congress leaders including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the portrait of Aurangzeb in the background which lead to outrage.
The picture was shared in various groups with caption: captioned “इन देशभक्तों ने यह कौन से देश भक्त की तस्वीर लगा रखी है” (Which nationalist’s portrait have these patriots put up- translated).

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When the fact check of the picture was done using google image search it revealed that the above picture and claim made are fake as the portrait in the background is of Mahatma Gandhi and not Aurangzeb.

The picture was taken and shared on Congress’ official Twitter handle when Rahul Gandhi filed nomination papers for the post of Congress President in December 2017.

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