Shabana Azmi didn't say that 'India is not a good and great country'

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An image is making rounds on Social Media which is attributed to actress Shabana Azmi quoting the veteran actress saying ‘India is not a good and great country because the Muslims are not happy here.’

The post was first shared on a Facebook page, Youth India(@fansofyouthbjp) with 25 lakh followers, which was later deleted.
Message Read: “भारत अच्छा और महान देश नहीं है क्यूंकि यहाँ मुसलमान खुश नहीं है – शबाना आज़मी शबाना आज़मी तुम और तुम्हारे समर्थक सीरिया और पाकिस्तान चले जाओ ताकि तुम जेसे को असली ख़ुशी मिल जाये सहमत है तो शेयर करके इन लोगो को जवाब दे – संतोष भारतीय”
Translation: India is not a good and great country, because the Muslims are not happy here – Shabana Azmi Shabana Azmi, you and your supporters go to Syria and Pakistan so that you agree to get the real happiness as well, then by sharing, answer these people – Santosh Bhartiya.

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Shabana Azmi took it to twitter as she rubbished the statement. She said ‘THIS IS PURE LIES being circulated in my name.’

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