Former MP CM Shivraj Chouhan was not eating non-veg; don't believe the FAKE claims

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A picture of former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Chouhan, went viral on social media eating a meal.
The caption of the picture suggests that he is eating non-veg food.
The text read: “शर्म करो शिवराज चौहान, मीट मुर्ग़ा खाते हो और जनता के सामने कट्टर हिन्दू होने का दिखावा करते हो…
शिवराज की फ़ोटो लीक 👇👇👇” (Translation: Shame on Shivraj Chauhan, eat meat chicken and pretend to be a hardcore Hindu in front of the public …Shivraj’s photo leaks)

At the time of filing the post had already got over 9,000 shares on Facebook.

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When NewsMobile put the picture through the Google Reverse Image Search, we found out that the viral picture of Shivraj Chouhan is morphed.
The non-veg content in the plate which was claimed he is eating were added using photoshop.

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We came across the original picture which was taken by Newswire PTI.

The picture was taken on Saturday when Shivraj Chouhan had a meal in the chopper while he was campaigning across the state for assembly elections.
If we look closely and compare both pictures we could see the difference and you can actually see they badly morphed the picture.

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