FAKE Alert: Army Base hospital did not issue directions related to third stage transmission of COVID-19

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Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, a WhatsApp message has surfaced which is attributed to Colonel Praveen Kashyap. The viral message suggests that the Base Hospital in Delhi Cantt released directions for people ‘as we enter Stage 3 of the spread of the Coronavirus’.
The message read:
“On a more serious note
Got clear cut directions from Base Hospital Delhi Cantt that as we enter Stage 3 of spread of the Carona Virus –
1. Wearing a mask is mandatory n not an option anymore. when stepping out in open or in community areas.
2. For next 14 days (just 14 days) try to not venture out at all … Including buying veg n basic needs be covered in one go if possible. The markets are zone red n are contaminated beyond understanding.
3. Kids to avoid playing to gather… Even if it means watching Screen for longer hrs.
4. Newspaper to stop imdt.
5. Maids may not be allowed inside.
6. Evening or morning walks n jogs be stopped to prevent exposure.
We pray for your safety n also for others whom you may infect unknowingly.
Wishing you all well n safe times ahead.
Col Praveen Kashyap
Zone H
Pl convey this to max indl. Will help save themselves n may be few others.”

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above message and we found that it has been falsely attributed to the Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt.
The Indian Army has clarified that they have NOT issued any such advisory about entering the third stage of Coronavirus spread.
“It’s clarified that NO such advisory stating that India has entered Stage 3 of Corona transmission has been issued by Army Base Hospital or any other Medical Authority,” India Army said in a statement.
Hence, NewsMobile urges its users to NOT fall for the viral message.

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