Did Delhi doctor, Usman Riyaz, die of COVID-19 while treating other patients? No, it's fake

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Multiple posts have been doing the rounds on social media claiming that a Delhi-based doctor by the name of Usman Riyaz has died of COVID-19 while treating patients infected by the disease.

Link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be misleading.
We googled Dr. Usmaz Riyaz and came across news articles stating that a Dr. Usman “Riaz” had died while treating COVID-19 patients, but in Pakistan.

Then we Googled the right spelling Usman Riaz and found multiple news reports, confirming the doctor’s origin, featuring a different picture of the doctor.

The question then was – who is the doctor in the original post?
Since his coat read ‘Aster Medical Center’, we googled it. This led us to an Aster Clinic in Dubai. When we searched for Dr. Usman Riyaz Aster Clinic in Dubai, we found a Dr. Riyaz Usman as the first link. It led to the photo of the same doctor that is being falsely shared.

Hence, this news is fake and no Delhi doctor named Usman Riyaz has died from COVID-19.

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