Fact Checked: This picture of Mahatma Gandhi is Photoshopped!

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A photo has surfaced on the internet in which Mahatma Gandhi can be seen walking in front of a wall.
Interestingly, various advertisements of different companies like Oppo, Vivo, and Jio can be seen on the wall.
The caption of the picture read: “सन 1945 की गाँधी जी की दुर्लभ तस्वीर 🤣”
(Translation- Rare Picture of Gandhi ji from 1945)


When the team of fact-checkers did a fact check, we found that the picture is Photoshopped.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we came across an article by DNA dated October 2, 2012. In the original picture, a white wall could be seen with no advertisements on it.

In the caption of the picture, it is mentioned that it has been taken on April 16th, 1938,
when he was leaving the Presidency Jail in Calcutta after interviewing political prisoners.
The above information proves that the photo has been manipulated using Photoshop software and the original picture was taken in 1938 and not in 1945 as claimed in the caption.

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