Fact Checked: The video of Diwali fire accident in Khammam is OLD

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A video of a fire in a stall is doing rounds claiming that crockery shops in Khammam caught fire on Diwali 2019.
“An accidental #fire at #Diwali crockery shops in #Khammam today…..!” the caption read.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the video, we found that it is an old video and is not from Khammam.
One of the Facebook users posted the same video stating that it is from Aurangabad fire in 2016.
We ran a search using ‘ Aurangabad fire Diwali 2016’ keywords and found a news bulletin from 2016 that features this video. “Exclusive video: Fire on firecracker shops in Aurangabad” the title read.

We also found that the video as posted by newswire ANI on October 28, 2019, which was later retracted by the agency saying that the video is old.

The above information proves that the video is not from the accidental fire in Khammam but is a 2016 video from a fire in firecracker shops in Aurangabad.

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