Fact Checked: Don't believe this picture of Rahul Gandhi; here's the truth

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A picture of Congress President Rahul Gandhi is being shared widely and has gone viral on social media.
In the picture, the Congress leader can be seen holding a placard that says,” सत्ता पाने के लिए मुझे हज़ारो लोगो की जान लेनी पड़ी तो भी मै लूंगा | देश बर्बाद हो जाए चलेगा पर मुझे सत्ता चाहिए | नहीं तो मोदी मुझे बर्बाद कर देगा | ना हिन्दू , ना मुस्लिम, सिर्फ सत्ता ”
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(Translation- I can kill thousands of people to be in power. It doesn’t matter if the country is destroyed, I just want to be in power. If that doesn’t happen Modi will destroy me. No Hindu, no Muslim, only power)

When we fact-checked the picture, we found out that it was fake.
On putting the image through Reverse Image Search, we came across a tweet by Congress’ official Twitter handle after they released their Manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

This picture was clicked during the same event.

On comparing the two pictures, we will note that the viral picture is photoshopped.

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