No! This is not how Shashi Tharoor got injured

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A post has been trending on social media that shows Congress leader Shashi Tharoor injured and covered in blood.
According to the claims attached to the picture, some people thrashed the politician for harassing girls in the temple.
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“अभी तो 6 टांके लगे है अभी तो बहुत कुछ होगा पापी तेरे साथ….भगवान ने किया न्याय😄
ऐसा है शशि थरूर साहब मंदिर में लड़कियों को छेड़ने के चक्कर में अपना सर फोड़वा लिए,,,पूरे के पूरे 6 टांके लगे हैं,,, !!! 🤣🤣🤣 “भगवान के घर देर है अंधेर नही”- the caption of the picture read
(Translation- You got only 6 stitches, there will be a lot more for sinners like you. God has done justice.
So what happened was, Shashi Tharoor got a head injury because he was harassing girls in a temple. He has got 6 stitches. Justice may be delayed but it will not be denied)

More pictures are shared with the caption- यही है वो कांग्रेस का नेता जो शिव लिंग पर चप्पल मार रहा था। और भगवान राम को काल्पनिक बताने वाले…मंदिर गये थे खोपड़ी फट गई 11 टांके लगे हैं.
(Translation- This is the Congress leader who hit Shivling and claimed Lord Rama is fictional…He went to a temple, got a head injury and got 11 stitches.)



When NewsMobile team did a fact check we found that the picture is real but the claim is fake.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we reached Shashi Tharoor’s official Twitter account where he had posted the picture with the caption- “A heavy iron hook fell on my head when a temple Thulabharam scale gave way. Lots of blood but no apparent other damage. Thank God it didn’t hurt anyone around me — could have caused a very serious injury.”

The above tweets make it clear that Shashi Tharoor got injured while performing a ritual – Thulabharam – in a temple in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram.
He also tweeted that he has not sustained severe injuries and will be returning to the campaign trail.

Above information proves that the claim is fake and shouldn’t be shared.

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