Fact Check: Old video of woman being attacked in a metro elevator in Malaysia attributed to Hyderabad

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A video of a woman being attacked inside an elevator is being shared on social media with a claim that it is from Hyderabad.
“viral video Ladies are requested not to get into metro station lifts alone. Take care
Hyderabad metro…” the post caption read. 

Here’s the link to the post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to be misleading.
We extracted keyframes from the video and put them through Reverse Image Search. The search led us to several YouTube videos suggesting that the video is from Malaysia. The video can be seen here and here.

Taking a cue from the above information, we ran a keyword search and found a report by Straits Times, dated 2019, featuring the screengrab from the same video.

According to the report, the incident took place inside the MRT’s lift in Kuala Lumpur district of Cheras.
We also found a similar report by News18 Telugu, stating that the video is from Malaysia.

Video of the same incident was also uploaded by Asia Times on their Facebook page in 2019.

Hence, we can conclude that the post in question is misleading as the video is not from Hyderabad.

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