Fact Check: OLD video of maid mixing urine in food being circulated with communal twist

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A video is being circulated online with a claim that a Muslim maid in Bhopal is making food with her saliva and urine.
A video is being shared with the caption: “Bhopal mai Mukesh Suri ji ne Hasina namak Muslim naukrani ko kaam pe rakha aur naukrani ne aapni Islami majhab ke anusar aacharan shuru kar diya. Aapne thuk aur peshab se banakar khilati thi khana.
Yeh video itna share kijiye ki haar Hindu ke ghar mai yeh Video pohuche aur haar ek Hindu satark ho jaye.”
It translates to “In Bhopal, Mukesh Suri hired a maid named Hasina, who was a Muslim. As per her religion, she made food with her saliva and urine. This video shall be shared until it reaches each Hindu household so they can be alerted.”
There are multiple shares with this caption.



We fact-checked the claims in the post and found them to be false.
In the video that is being circulated, on the top left corner 17-10-2011 can be seen.

We ran a Google search with relevant keywords and came across a Times of India article from 2011 with this exact story, however, the maid in question was not Muslim. According to the article, the maid was identified as Asha Kaushal. The newspaper report further said that the motive behind the woman’s bizarre act had not been ascertained.

Hence, it is confirmed that the maid is not a Muslim, and this post is old.

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