Fact Check: OLD video of a crowded mall in Saudi Arabia being shared as a recent one

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A video of a mob of women in hijab, entering a store is being shared, with a claim that the visuals are from a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, after the lockdown was lifted, which was in place due to COVID-19.
The caption of the picture read: “Just see the Saudi Arab Shopping Mall After lifting of Lock Down.”



NewsMobile fact-checked the video and found that the claim is fake.
When we put the keyframes of the viral video through Reverse Image Search, we came across a tweet by Mecca News dated December 3, 2019, featuring the same video.
“This is what happened yesterday when a store in Al-Shawqiyya announced discounts for products of 5 riyals, which required the presence of teams from security patrols,” the tweet read. (Translated)

We found more videos on different social media platforms from December 2019.

Though NewsMobile could not independently verify the origin of the video, the above information establishes that the video in question is old as it was already on the internet much before the lockdown came into effect in Saudi Arabia.

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