Fact Check: Ministry of Ayush didn’t dismiss any doctor for halting Patanjali’s ‘Coronil’

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Post the ‘Coronil’ controversy Patanjali finds itself mired in, a screenshot of a tweet is going viral on social media platforms claiming that Ayush Ministry had terminated the services of a doctor named Mujahid Hussain as he was responsible for halting Patanjali’s tablet and spreading ‘jihad’ from within the system.

Another Facebook user shared the viral tweet with the caption “Dr. Mujaheed Hussain of Ayush Ministry was the person behind stalling of Patanjali Ayurvedas Coronil.”

NewsMobile fact-checked the above posts and found that the claims in the viral tweet are false as Ayush Ministry has not fired anyone after the ban on the sale of Coronil tablets.

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Later, Press Information Bureau (PIB) also clarified that the claims made in the viral tweet are false and baseless.

In our investigation,when we searched for the person whose had put out the tweet with the false claim and found out that he had later accepted his fault and wrote on Twitter clarifying that he cross checked the information shared earlier from Ayush ministry’s website and found out that no one was fired.

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