Fact Check: Don't fall for these pictures of people protesting against COVID-19 vaccine trials

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A post has gone viral on social media where several pictures of protest from across the world is being shared. The Facebook post claims that many countries are protesting against COVID-19 vaccine trial and warns Indians about the human trials of COVID-19 vaccine.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be false and misleading.
With the help of Google Reverse Image Search, we found the real picture of the post in an article by The Washington Post dated August 1, 2020, stating that protesters fill the streets near the Brandenburg Gate on August 1 in Berlin. According to the article, it was an anti-lockdown march to protest restrictions imposed in ‘Freedom Day’ march.

With the help of collage, we can clearly see that Facebook claims are misleading.
On digging further, we found another picture in an article by News Opener dated August 17, 2020, claiming that hundreds of protesters poured onto the streets of Belarus calling for President’s resignation.

With the help of another collage, we found that social media posts are not true.

Our further investigation took us to the third picture of the Facebook post. We found the picture on Ruptly, which was posted on August 15, 2020. Also, the YouTube description claims that people gathered against the anti-corona measures by the German government.

With the help of another collage, we can see that the picture of the protest is against the German government, not COVID-19 vaccine trials.

We found another picture of the protest with the help of keyword ‘Freedom Gathering’. This keyword Search took us to another video on YouTube dated August 18, 2020. In the video, many people gathered at Birmingham, UK, where the speaker spoke about the COVID-19 restriction and not about any trial of coronavirus vaccine.
With the help of another collage, we can see that the Facebook posts are false and the protests being depicted were in no way related to COVID-19 vaccine trials.

In conclusion, we can say that the posts are being circulated with a false claim that people are protesting the world over against COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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