Fact check: Did the Sattar Ghat bridge in Bihar collapse after one month of the inauguration? Here's the truth

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On Thursday morning (July 16, 2020), the tragic news of the collapse of the newly inaugurated Sattar Ghat bridge on Gandak river, in Gopalganj spread rapidly on social media. Even many reputed media houses ran this story.
At one point in time, the news was trending on twitter.

Even the leader of the opposition in Bihar, RJD’s Tejaswi Yadav shared the viral post.

The claim attached to the images of the damaged bridge read that Rs 263.47 crores were invested in the construction of the bridge, which collapsed just one month after its inauguration.


NewsMobile investigated the truth behind these viral images and found that the claim attached to these viral images of the damaged road was false and misleading.
In our investigation to discover the truth behind the viral claim, we found that the images are not of the Sattar Ghat bridge but are of another bridge, that is precisely 2 km away from the Sattar Ghat bridge in Gopalganj Bihar.
Information and Public Relations Department, Bihar took notice of the issue and clarified on Twitter that the images of the destroyed bridge are not of Sattar Ghat Dam but of another bridge on the same river, which is 2 km away from the claimed location.
The damaged bridge is 18 miles long and is made under the dam of Gandak river.

Nullifying the claim many Twitter users passing through the bridge also shared the visuals in which no damage on the bridge could be observed.
Hence, from the above information, it is clear that the posts in question are misleading and false.

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