Fact Check: Claims about caged dogs being slaughtered in China is misleading

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An image is being circulated online that visually depicts multiple dogs in cages with the caption that it is from June 23, 2020, from Yulin, China. It claims that the dogs and cats in the image are being set on fire and tortured.

The image was being circulated the same time when tensions between India and China got escalated as a result of the border conflict.
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We fact-checked the above image by searching it through the Google Reverse Image Search and found the claims to be misleading. Through the Reverse Search, we found that while the image is from Yunnan, China, it is from April 25, 2012, according to an article in the Daily Mail.
The headline of the article reads: “The ultimate dog’s dinner: Hundreds of caged canines saved from the cooking pot by quick-thinking Chinese activists”

It further states that dogs destined to be slaughtered and served up in China’s restaurants were saved when the truck transporting them was intercepted by animal rights activists.
The vehicle, carrying 505 canines packed into just 156 tiny cages, was stopped on Yunnan Province’s highway from Fumin to Kunming, after other drivers spotted the sickening cargo.
A number of posts, pictures and comments about the load on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo, prompted the police to stop the lorry at the next toll gate.
Hence, the claims are misleading for multiple reasons – it is not an image from June 2020. It is not from Yulin, China and the animals were rescued before being slaughtered.

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