Fact check: 'Allah Hu Akbar' was not chanted at Trump's rally; this video is fake

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A video of US President Donald Trump is being shared on social media where Trump can be seen speaking at a rally and then the security rushing to him mid-speech after someone from the crowd shouted ‘Allah Hu Akbar’.
“अल्लाह हू अकबर नारे का खौफ देखो.. ट्रंप भाषण दे रहे थे किसी ने पीछे धीरे से बोला “अल्लाह हू अकबर” उसके बाद क्या हुआ.. आप देखिए” the text read.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the viral video, we found the video to be fake.
We ran a search on YouTube using the keywords ‘trump attacked rally’ and found a video by CBS Evening News dated March 12, 2016. The title of the video read, ‘Man tries to rush stage at Donald Trump rally’.

“Secret Service agents had to form a protective cordon around Donald Trump when a man tried to rush the stage at a rally for the Republican presidential front-runner. The already high tensions at Trump’s rallies escalated in recent days with a Trump rally in Chicago being postponed due to security concerns.” the video description read.
This news was also cover by Fox News.

However, when we listen to the entire video carefully, ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ cannot be heard in the original video.
The above information proves that the viral video is doctored and hence is fake.

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