Don't fall for this viral video! This is not Rafale aircraft India bought

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Amid all the controversy around Rafale aircraft, a video began surfacing on social media.
In the video, a plane is seen doing amazing stunts. Interestingly, the claims suggest that the plane is the same Rafale aircraft for which India signed a deal with France.
“यह है वह रॉफेल लड़ाकू विमान जिसके लिए भारत ने फ्रांस के साथ सौदा किया है!
वीडियो को अंत तक अवश्य देखिए तभी आपको पता चलेगा कि क्यों चीन और पाकिस्तान कांग्रेसी युवराज पप्पू के जरिये मोदी सरकार के इस सौदे को गलत बताने पर तुले हैं!! क्योंकि भारतीय बेड़े में रॉफेल के शामिल होने से असली असर इन दोनों देशों पर ही ज्यादा पड़ने वाला है।
कांग्रेस को देश की परवाह नहीं है बस अपने इन दोनों आकाओं की फिक्र है और उसके लिए ये किसी भी हद तक गिर सकते हैं!!
लेकिन अब इनका बाप मोदी है – बहुत बढ़िया !!आपका दिल थाम कर देखिए!” – the caption read.
(Translation – This is the Rafale fighter plane for which India has signed a deal with France! Please watch the video till the end, then you will know why China and Pakistan are bent on misrepresenting the Modi government’s deal via Congress’ Prince Pappu ( Rahul Gandhi)!! Rafale’s induction in the Indian fleet will have a major impact on these two countries.
Congress does not care about the country, it is only concerned about these two masters and will go to any extent. )

To check the veracity of the claim, NewsMobile did a reverse image search on various tools.  Image search via video tool Yandex led us to the following findings.
We found a link to a product named – F-16QQ by Flex Innovations. According to the company site, they are working on aircraft control systems, toys, electronics and RC ( remote-controlled) hobby products.
Using ‘F-16QQ’ as the keyword, we found out the aircraft in the video is the same toy plane. The video was uploaded by Flex Innovation on YouTube in Aug, 2016.

‘Premier Aircraft F-16QQ PNP’ the title said.

This fact check is proof that the aircraft in the video is not Rafale as stated in the claim but a remote-controlled plane by Flex Innovation.

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