Do people in Norway give away surplus apples to the poor? Here's the fact check

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A post is being shared which claims that people in Norway hang surplus apples on the fence to help feed the hungry.
“In Norway, when they have too many apples, they make it so others can enjoy it, ” the text read.



NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be misleading.
We ran a search and found an article in Drammens Tidende, according to which, one Norwegian woman named Inger Garas in 2018 let out apples for people to take away.
The headline of the article was ‘Inger distributes free apples to passersby: – ​​Many people ask “can I really take”?’, indicating that it is not a regular occurrence.
As per the article, she put gave out around 200kgs of apple.
The viral picture was uploaded by Inger on her Facebook Page on September 7, 2018. The caption on the post translates to, ” A lot of apples on the fence today, first come first serve 😃.”

In an interview with Drammens Tidende, she said, “There are so many apples this year. Nice, clean and large. I don’t get to use everything, and it becomes too much to throw away. Then it is much better to give them away, says the generous mouth-watering. ”
The above information proves that the fact is associated with a single individual in Norway and hence the viral claim is misleading.

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