This boy is not suffering from mental illness due to PUBG addiction; here's the truth

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A set of pictures are making rounds on social media in which a young man can be seen with his emotional father and mother. It has been claimed that the boy in the picture is 24-years old and he was mentally unstable due to the popular online game PUBG.
The text with the pictures read: “Save your children for pubji game

24 years students are mad & his hands fingers are not stop he is hospitalized
Share & save your children &yourself.”

At the time of filing this report, the above post was shared by over 2,600 Facebook users.
We further came across the same set of pictures on Facebook but the caption was in Gujarati.
The text in Gujarati read: “Kalol College pacvhad सूरत गुजरात હરીનગર – ૨ માં એક છોકરો જેનું નામ સુભાષ શાહુ છે અને આ છૉકરા નૅ પબજી રમતા હાત બંઘ નથી થતા અનૅ છૉકરૉ મૅનટલ થૈ ગયૉ છૅ તમનૅ હાથ જૉડી નૅ વિનતી છૅ કૅ પબજી રમવા નુ બંધ કરૉ અનૅ આ વીડિયૉ આગળ મૉકલૉ જે થી બીજા કૉઈના છૉકરા નૉ જીવ બચી જાય 🙏 પબજી બંધ કરૉ”
(Translation: Kalol College pacvhad Surat Gujarat Harinagar- This boy is Subhash Shah. His hands won’t stop due to PUBG and he has lost his mind. This is a request to please stop playing PUBG and to forward this video so that other children may be saved. Ban PUBG.)

When NewsMobile fact-checked the above posts, we found that the claim attached to the pictures is false.
On putting the pictures through Reverse Image Search, we found same pictures in an article on Milaap which is an online crowdfunding platform.
The headline of the article read: “My Son Gave Me Life Again After My Accident, Now He’s Dying Of Cancer And I’m Helpless”

According to the article, the name of the boy in the picture is Sujan from Karnataka who is suffering from blood cancer. In the whole article, there is no mention of PUBG.
Moreover, when we scanned through Sujan’s reports, we found that he was not 24 but he was 17-year old.
Hence, the above information proves that claims attached in the above posts are false.

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