Did Japan construct an emergency road within 24 hrs? Here's the truth

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An image of a road is going viral on social media claiming that the “emergency road was constructed in Japan within 24 hrs so as to maintain the flow of traffic after the main one was being covered by a landslide”.

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When NewsMobile fact-checked the image, we found the claim to be misleading.
On putting the image through reverse image search, we found several tweets inciting that the U-shaped detour exists on National Route 305, Japan after the original route collapsed after a landslide.
“I’ve seen a U-shaped detour. On Echizen Kaigan National Route 305, a landslide occurred due to heavy rains in western Japan in July, and this section was closed for about 4 months. However, the temporary road was completed at the end of October, and the road was closed, “a tweet read in Japnese.

On further investigation, we also found an article by ‘Fukui Shimbun‘ titled, “The U-shaped road is completed and national road traffic resumes”.
According to the article, the area was closed after a landslide that occurred due to heavy rains on July 5-8, 2018 and the traffic resuming after nearly four months in October end.
The above information proves that the road was not constructed within 24 hrs and the claim is false.

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