Are these men responsible for Murshidabad killings? Here's the truth

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A picture of two men is being shared online claiming that they were responsible for the triple murder that took place in the Murshidabad district in West Bengal. On 8 October, Prakash Pal, his pregnant wife, and an 8-year-old child were found dead in the house.
“मोदी जी भारत में प्लास्टिक के कचरे से इतना खतरा नहीं है जितना इन जैसे अल्लाह के नेक बंदों से हैं
यह वही अल्लाह का नेक बंदा है जिसने बंगाल के मुर्शिदाबाद में पूरे परिवार को खत्म कर दिया ऐसे कचरे को शीघ्र से शीघ्र भारत से साफ करो मोदी जी।” the text read.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the post, we found that the picture is from Bangladesh.
On putting the image through reverse Image Search, we found news reports that identified the man in the blue kurta as Mehedi Hasan Rasel.

According to the reports, Rasel was one of the 10 people of its Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) unit for their involvement with the murder of Abrar Fahad. Fahad was found dead at his university halls of residence in Dhaka.
The viral picture was uploaded by Mehedi Hasan Rasel on his Facebook page on June 10, 2019, captioned, ” Inspiration… Father”. 

The above information proves that the picture is from Bangladesh and is not related to Murshidabad killings.

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