Did Italians throw their money on the streets? Here's the truth

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A few pictures are doing rounds on social media claiming to be from Italy. In the pictures, piles of currency notes can be seen scattered on the streets.
“In Italy citizens throw their money in the streets…The Lesson: no money or towards you will help you with something..” the caption read.




NewsMobile fact-checked the claim and found it to be fake.
We put the image through Reverse Image Search and found a link to a Facebook post dated March 22, 2019. The post featured the same images with a claim that they are from Venezuela.

We also found a tweet dated

We ran a search and found that currency lying on the streets of Venezuela, were the old currency, Bolívar Fuerte. In August 2018, they were replaced by a new form of currency, the Bolivar Soberano.
According to an article by CNN, The new ‘Bolivar Soberano’ currency is worth 100,000 ‘old’ Bolivares.
The above information proves that the pictures are not from Italy.

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