Congress posted old images to attack BJP government

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While the election season is underway in India with General Elections due in few months, political parties are launching an attack on each other every now and then. This time it was Manipur unit of the Congress party when their official Twitter handle @INCManipur tweeted a picture collage of four images on January 23 comparing development in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency Amethi and PM Modi’s constituency Varanasi since of BJP government came in power.

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The caption with the picture read: “While PM Modi & the BJP govt. may not care for the contribution of HAL, the people of Amethi are proud of the HAL division in their district – which provides employment for 1100 skilled workers & 200 engineers.”
Meanwhile, the same picture was also posted by Congress’ Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand units.

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When NewsMobile Fact Checked the images using Google Reverse Image Search, we found that one of the pictures attributed to PM Modi was from the year 2011.

Moreover, a Twitter user tweeted the same image in 2013 as well.

The picture used in the top right corner is also an old picture, but it is from 2015 which is a screengrab of a video posted in American stock photo agency Shutterstock in 2015.

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