This old man in this picture is NOT a suicide bomber

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A few days ago, a picture resurfaced on social media where an old man can be seen with an army soldier.
The captions of the pictures read, “कब्र में जाने की उम्र में ये आतंकी 72 हूर पाने की तमन्ना लिए भीड़ में बम-ब्लास्ट करने के लिए जा ही रहा था कि सेना ने इसे पकड़ लिया।”

(Google translation – At the age of going to the grave, the militant was going to bomb blast in the crowd for the desire to get 72 Hur, that the army caught it.)
The post was also shared with another caption, that read ” When the iraq Army captured ISIS old man they asked him: Why did you want to bomb urself and kill the innocent people? He said l want to have dinner with the prophet in Heaven.

On reverse searching the image on various tools like Prepostseo, TinEye we came across the tweet posted by, who tweeted this image in 2014 with the caption – ‘Man with hashish jacket on turkhum border.’

The same picture was also shared by Safdar Dawar in 2014, whose description read- Former President Tribal Union of Journalists, FATA Pakistan..Belong to North Waziristan Agency .. currently (Anchor Person FATA TIME)

In the last four years, the same image was shared by different regional groups making several claims. So, we as responsible citizens need to be careful regarding such fake news and forwards.

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