Video game clip passed off as US anti-missile defence system taking down Iranian missiles

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A video of rapid gunfire in the night sky has gone viral on social media with the claim that the video is of US anti-missile defence system taking down Iran’s missiles.

A Twitter user shared the same video.

Several individuals shared the video with the same claim on Facebook.
A similar claim has also been used to circulate the video on Facebook and Whatsapp. It reads, “Iran fired 12 missiles at an American base in Iraq…old story. News report that – Iranian missiles missed. What is not talked about is the US automatic missile defense system that took almost all of them down. It’s a battery of 50 caliber guns that fires 3000 rounds per minute at the incoming missile(s). Here is a video of what happened.”


NewsMobile fact-checked the above viral video and found the claims attached to the video to be FAKE.
With the help of InVID tool, we extracted keyframes of the video. On putting the keyframes through Reverse Image Search and putting keywords, we found the same video uploaded by various YouTube channels.
We came across a video on YouTube uploaded on Jun 24, 2019, with the description “無人航空機 夜間射撃 フリゲート 搭載 ファランクス 撃墜 シウス ドローン CIWS Phalanx Drone UAV Frigate Night ARMA3 アーマ3 チャンネル登録をお願いします♪♪♪”

At the end of the video, Japanese text appears on the screen which translates to English as: “This video is a fiction. The characters, names, events are fictitious and have nothing to do with reality.

Using relevant keywords, we found ARMA 3, is an open-world, realism-based, military tactical shooter video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive.
The same video went viral since last year with multiple false claims

In conclusion, the clip is from a military-themed video game ARMA3 which is now being shared across social media platforms with the claim that it shows rockets fired by Iran at US base in Iraq.

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