This tribal woman is not the collector of Ranchi; here's the truth

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A picture of a woman dressed in a traditional outfit has surfaced on the social media, claiming that she is the first tribal colletor from Banjara community (SC). The post also claims that her name is Shobha Rathod who is an IAS and has assumed office as the collector in Ranchi.
The caption read: “अपनी पारम्परिक वेशभूषा के साथ भी आत्मसम्मान के साथ रहा जा सकता है! आदिवासी बंजारा समुदाय की पहली महिला कलेक्टर शोभा राठौड़!! अपनी परम्परागत क़बीलाई वेशभूषा ‘लम्बाड़ी’ में, जिन्होंने झारखंड के राँची में पदभार सम्भाला है… जय जोहार!!!”
First tribal collector from Banjara community(SC) Madam Shobha Rathod IAS takes over charge of collector Ranchi

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Team of fact-checkers at NewsMobile checked the above claim and found it to be false.
Firstly, when we checked the list of IAS officers in Ranchi and we couldn’t find anyone named Shobha Rathod.

Moreover, there is a position of ‘Deputy Commissioner’ in Ranchi instead of ‘Collector’ which is held by Rai Mahimapat Ray.
When we dug deeper, we found a tweet by the verified Twitter handle of DC Ranchi which clarified that it is FAKE news.

Hence, this proves that the above claim is FAKE.

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