This touching elephant calf picture is not from Kerala floods; here's the truth behind it

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While Kerala floods have disrupted life in the state, fake news related to the deadly floods have surfaced the internet for quite a while now but shockingly a national newspaper seems to have failed to fact check a picture.
An article published by Dainik Bhaskar New Delhi Edition on August 23, 2018 carried a photo of a baby elephant with a caption “सेना केरल में बाढ़ में फंसे लोगों के साथ जानवरों की भी मदद कर रही है। जवान ने हाथी के बच्चे को रेस्क्यू किया।” (Army is helping animals along with the people stranded in the floods in Kerala. A jawan rescued an elephant’s baby -translated).

Incidently, the same picture surfaced on Facebook as well.

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Though the picture is real, but the claims made with the picture is not. The picture was taken in December 2017 near Mettupalayam, Coimbatore. In as per a report in BBC, Palanichamy Sarathkumar, 28, a forest guard stationed received a call on December 12, 2017 when he was heading home after a night shift.

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