He is not an officer of Indian Army in this viral picture; don't believe the FAKE claims

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There is no doubt that the Indian Army is doing an admirable job and they need not to prove it, there acts on the border and their helping hand during calamities are enough.
A picture is making rounds on social media in which a soldier is seen bending down so a woman can use his back to step out of a truck.

The caption with the picture read: “No words 🙏 True Indian can never ignore this pic. This is our army… They will do anything for us🙏.”


On fact-checking the claims, it was revealed that the personnel in the picture doesn’t belong to the Indian Army. The picture was taken in June 2016 and he is the member of the Iraqi PMU (Popular Mobilization Units) helping a civilian after the city of Fallujah was freed from ISIS.
Interestingly, the picture has a history of being at the centre of controversy as in December 2016  Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations was widely criticized for using it to show how pro-government forces were ‘liberating’ city of Aleppo. The photograph has now travelled around the world and reached India.

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