This quote attributed to former ASI Director is FAKE; here's the fact check

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A quote attributed to former Director of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), KK Muhammed, is doing rounds on social media according to which he had said that ‘he was suspended by the Congress government upon his suggestion of giving land, where he discovered a temple, to Hindus’.
The quote in Hindi read: “खुदाई में मंदिर निकला मैंने कहा ज़मीन हिन्दुओं को दे दो पर कांग्रेस ने मुझे सस्पेंड करवा दिया|” के के मुहम्मद, ASI पूर्व डायरेक्टर
(Translation: “In the excavation, the temple came out. I suggested to give the land to the Hindus but the Congress suspended me.” KK Muhammad, former ASI director)

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At the time of filing this report, the above post was shared by over 4,700 Facebook users.


Team of fact-checker at NewsMobile checked the above post and found it to be false.
First, we put the exact quote through a Google search but we didn’t find and authentic report which had quoted KK Muhammed with the exact statement.

We further searched with keywords such as ‘KK Muhammed ‘, ‘Congress’, ‘Suspend’, ‘Temple’, ‘Hindu’, but there were no reports of Muhammed being suspended by the Congress government.
Hence, the above information proves that the viral post is FAKE.

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