This emotional video of a ‘mother’s touch reviving a dead baby’ is a TV ad

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An emotional video, claiming that a dead baby was revived after being hugged by the mother, is being circulated on social media.
The caption of the video, that has been shared by over 4 lakh people, read: ‘The mother had delivered twins and one was declared dead. She requested doctor to allow her to hug him for the last time. When she hugs him, watch the video….
Mother is mother.

The Video was shared numerous times on the platform.


After culling out frames from the video and then reverse searching it on various tools and search engines, NewsMobile unearthed some interesting facts.
Since the video has been online for several years now, it was quite difficult to find the original source of the video. We found a video that mentioned that the clip is actually a ‘Thai’ TV commercial for a line of baby products called Babi Mild. (However, the description and the title of the video is misspelt as ‘BabyMind’. It also claims that the video is based on a true story)

Interestingly, our research led us to several reports which prove that the video is inspired by a real-life story.
In 2010, Kate Ogg gave birth to premature twins Jamie and Emily. Although Emily survived, the doctors declared Jamie dead after trying to revive him for 20 min.
The nurse handed Jamie to his mother. However, as Kate and David Ogg sat there, embracing their dead child, he suddenly began gasping for air and then after a while opened his eyes.
“We were trying to entice him to stay,” Kate said in an interview to Express.
So, this Fact Check concludes that although it is a true story, the video was created for a Thai TV Commercial.

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