Stand five minutes to honour Modi, a 'mischief to drag Modi into controversies': PM busts FAKE news

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After initiatives like ‘Janata Curfew’ and ‘9 pm 9 minutes’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to honour the healthcare workers amid Coronavirus outbreak, a campaign is being run on social media urging people to ‘stand for 5 minutes in their balconies to honour PM Modi on Sunday (April 12, 2020) at 5 pm’.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday clarified that the government has not started any such campaign and further said that ‘it seems like mischief to drag him into controversies’.
In a series of tweets, PM Modi said: “It has been brought to my attention that some people are running a campaign that to honour Modi stand for 5 minutes. At first glance, it seems like mischief to drag Modi into controversies.”

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“Maybe someone is doing out of goodwill, yet I insist that if you really have so much love and want to honour Modi, then take the responsibility of a poor family, at least as long as the coronavirus crisis exists. There can be no greater honour for me than this,” PM Modi added.

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