How to burst FAKE NEWS!

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Fake news nowadays has become a trend. It goes viral more than the real news. People who do not know the reality believe it simply and spread the word. Fake news spreads like fire, and it makes people believe in what is actually not true.
In this era, where citizen journalism plays an important role with mainstream journalism, every citizen should act responsibly. Before sharing any fact, checking should be compulsorily. Here we bring you certain ways by which you can check the authenticity of the news.
First and foremost thing that one should look at it Domain and the URL
Established news agencies and organizations have their own domains. Also they have a fixed look, by which you will be familiar with. So that way you can be saved from fake news. Websites or sites which have endings like should always be treated with caution.
“About Us” section should be read carefully
Genuine sites will have complete and proper information about the news agency, its owner, employees, vision and all the relevant information. If you find a site with flair language, fact checking must be done, there and then.
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Verify through image
An image is an important part of the story. The image should speak for the news story. Any established news website will have real pictures of the story. The image which they might have taken themselves. All fake news agencies will have images which are already there on Google and multiple websites must have published them.
Fact checking is essential
Fact checking on a website is necessary to check the authenticity of the news story. Fact checks of a news claim must mark the News Publisher criteria for fact checks. Fact check that are associated with news articles  can be shown in either news results or the combined search results, all other fact checks can appear only in combined search results view.