RBI has not directed banks to work five day a week; don't believe the FAKE post

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A claim has surfaced on the internet according to which the banks in India will be operational five days a week.
The claim is attached with a circular on ‘Extension of Timings for Customer Transactions’. The text in the caption read: Bank will remain closed on every Saturday from 1st June | RBI has approved 5 days working for Banks. Timing 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

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When newsMobile Fact Checked the above post we found the claim to be false.
Though the picture of circular in the post is real it actually talks about the extended timings for Customer Transactions and it doesn’t talk about banks being operational for five days a week.
Further, we also found a notification on RBI’s official website dated April 2019, in which the central bank rubbished the claim.

Hence, this proves that the viral claim is FAKE.

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