Pakistan journalist shares misleading video of Kashmiri being tortured by Indian army

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A renowned Pakistani journalist, Hamid Mir‏, on 21 September posted a video showing a man brutally being beaten up by some people in military uniform.
According to his claim, the video is of Indian army torturing a Kashmiri with a caption that read ” Look at this torture in Kashmir and see who is making this torture? One can understand that why India is not ready for talks with Pakistan? Yes Pakistan will definitely ask about this torture ”
Till now the video has received 13 thousand like and has been retweeted by more than 9.5 thousand people.

Not just common people, but the video is also been retweeted by a popular Pakistani pop singer, Rabi Pirzada.
Rabi shared the video with a caption saying,” I am sure no Indian will support this… humanity comes before nationality… stop this torture in Kashmir… ask us what do we want? We are in 2018 for God’s sake. Anything can be settled on table talk. Don’t be a coward to avoid dialogues…”

Fact Check 
The same video was posted by Sher Mohammad Bugti, whose description reads ‘ Official Account of Sher Mohammad Bugti, Central Spokesman of BRP, The Baloch Republican Party.. Struggle for Freedom of Balochistan.’
He shared the video on July 5th claiming the video is from Balochistan and is of Pak Army torturing an innocent Baloch student.

He again tweeted on 21 September, confirming that the video is from Balochistan and the Hamid Mir is spreading lies.

Not just this, but while looking at the replies on the Hamid Mir’s and Rabi Pirzada’s tweets, we came across several tweets of people from Pakistan claiming that the video is of Pakistan SSG training.

We also found the video on YouTube claiming the same.

And another video saying that it is pakistan police beating a thief in the lockup.

While we could not confirm the original source of the video or the reason why the man is being brutally tortured, we can say that the video is definitely misleading.