No! This burqa-clad man did not cast a fake vote

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After Muzaffarnagar constituency went to polls in the 1st phase of the Lok Sabha elections, a post has started making rounds on the internet.
The post claims that a man( named Saddam) cast a vote in the name of a woman(named Shabnam) wearing a burqa.
The caption reads- “मुजफ्फर नगर में शबनम की जगह सद्दाम द्वारा बुरका पहन कर वोट डाला गया,भाजपा प्रत्याशी #संजीव वालियान ने की थी शिकायत सामने आई तस्वीर !! #प्लीजVote4BJP #ये_अफवाह_जैसा_कि_NBT_न्यूज_से_जानकारी_मिली”
(Translation- In Muzaffarnagar Saddam wore a burqa and cast the vote instead of Shabnam, BJP candidate Sanjeev Balyan had complained that the picture!! #PleaseVote4BJP #ये_अफवाह_जैसा_कि_NBT_न्यूज_से_जानकारी_मिली)

We found more photos with similar claims-



When NewsMobile team fact-checked the viral image, we found out that the claim is fake.
When we Reverse Image Searched the first picture, we came across an article by
We found out that the picture was taken in October 2015, in Azamgarh when an RSS activist was caught throwing beef at a temple.

The above information proves that the picture is old and is used in the wrong context.

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