No, Ronaldo did not send three planes to extinguish the Amazon fire

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Amid the ongoing fire at the Amazon Rainforests, a picture post is doing rounds on social media according to which football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo has deployed three planes to with 80,000 litres of water to extinguish the deadly fire.
The text on the picture read: “Cristiano hired 3 planes that are able to transport 80,000 liters to support control the fire that is destroying the Amazon. Man with the Golden Heart.”


When the team of fact-checkers at NewsMobile, checked the above claim, we found it to be false.
On putting keywords such as ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’, ‘Amazon Rainforest,’ ‘Plane’, ‘80,000 litre’, ‘Water’, through a Google search, we found couldn’t find any authentic report to confirm the viral claim.

We further scanned through Ronaldo’s verified Twitter handle, we found only one tweet related to Amazon fire dated August 22nd, 2019.

Hence, the above information proves that the claim about Ronaldo sending plans to extinguish AMazon fire is FAKE.

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