No, PM Modi is not distributing free laptops, it is FAKE news

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A Whatsapp message claiming that the government will give a free laptop to students on Independence Day has gone viral. It says that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will distribute free laptops on August 15 this year to those who register on the website ‘’.
But beware it is a Fake message. NewsMobile spoke to senior government sources who confirmed that this Whatsapp forward is a fake.
This is what the forwarded message looks like:

Fake Whatsapp forward

And if you click on the link in the message, it takes you to the following site:
No PM Modi is not distributing free laptops, it is a FAKE

It then asks for your name, mobile number and other details. The FAKE site has been designed so that the reader confuses it for the authentic Digital India website, along with PM Narendra Modi’s picture, the symbol of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to make it look official. It has a detailed two-step process.
2-steps in Fake message, which says PM Modi will distribute laptops on Aug 15

Be careful as the real Digital India site looks like this:
Real Digital India site

This WhatsApp message is similar to a hoax that was floated in 2017. However, the difference is that this viral message specifies that laptops will be distributed on 15th August 2018.

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