Largest protest rally against NRC & CAA in Kerala? Here's the truth behind this viral video

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A video of a huge crowd is being shared on social media with a claim that it is from a protest against CAA and NRC in Kozhikode, Kerala.
” One of the largest rallies to protest against NRC & CAA Kozhikode, Kerala,” the caption read.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the video and found the claim to be false.
On taking the key screengrabs of the video and putting it through Reverse Image Search, we found a Facebook post dated 2016 featuring a picture similar to the scenes in the above video. “Samastha 90th Anniversary ‘ Helicam Click ‘ Masha Allah…” the caption read.

We ran a search using relevant keywords and found the original video uploaded by SKICR TV on Feb 15, 2016, titled “Samastha 90th Anniversary ‘ Helicam Video ‘ Masha Allah”

The above information proves that the video is old and hence is not related to any recent protests against NRC and CAA.

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