Kapil Sibal didn't say that Pakistan is helping BJP by returning IAF pilot Abhinandan

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It’s not new for political parties to target each other over matters of national security, irrespective of the sensitivity.
The Pulwama attack and India’s counter-terrorism move was no different. The politicos started taking a jibe at each other at the first possible opportunity.
Recently, a quote attributed to Congress leader Kabil Sibal is making rounds on social media. The quote read- “लोकसभा इलेक्शन से पहले अंतर्राष्ट्रीय दवाब  में आकर पायलट अभिनंदन को लौटाकर भाजपा को फायदा न पहुंचाए पाकिस्तान.”
(Translation-Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Pakistan should not help BJP by returning pilot Abhinandan to India due to Internation pressure)

When NewsMobile Fact-Checked this, we found no reports to support the claim.
Kapil Sibal, however, questioned the government’s claim regarding India’s air strikes in Pakistan.
Is international media: 1) New York Times 2) London based Jane’s Information Group 3) Washinton Post 4) Daily Telegraph 5) The Guardian 6) Reuters reporting no proof of militant losses at Balakotpro-Pakistan? You are guilty of politicising terror? ” he tweeted. 

“PM must speak on reports by int’l media that say hardly anyone died there (in airstrike in Balakot). I want to ask PM, ‘Is int’l media in support of Pak?’ When int’l media speaks against Pak,you feel elated.When they ask questions,it’s asking because it supports Pak?” he told ANI.
This proves that though Sibal questioned the government’s claim on air strike, he has been wrongly quoted in the viral post.

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