Islamic prayers offered at the White House amid COVID-19 outbreak? No, this video is OLD

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A video of US President Donald Trump is being shared on social media with a claim that the Quran was read at the White House after Coronavirus cases in the US continued to rise.

#माशाल्लाह कोरोना से बचाव के लिये #अमेरिका के वाइट हाउस में #कुरान की आयतें पढी गई और पुरी दुनिया के लिये दुआ की गई…🤲🤲🤲,, अल्लाह इनकी दुआओ को कबू” the caption read.


NewsMobile fact-checked the video and found the claim to be FAKE.
We ran a search using relevant keywords like ‘Trump’ and ‘prayer service’ and found a link to a story by ABC News dated Jan 21, 2017.
As per the article, the day after his swearing-in, President Donald Trump attended an interfaith prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral. It is an age-old inaugural tradition, that dates back to George Washington.
The entire ceremony was also broadcast live by CNN on their Facebook Page.

The viral clip can be seen at 41:08 mark of the video.
The above information proves that the video is old and is not related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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